Susan Florence ‎(Florence)‎ Bellinger Susan Florence ‎(Florence)‎ Bellinger  ‎(I288)‎
Given Names: Susan Florence ‎(Florence)‎
Surname: Bellinger

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 24 March 1880 35 19 Millicent, S.A.
Death: 13 December 1971 ‎(Age 91)‎ Frankston, Vic.
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 24 March 1880 35 19 Millicent, S.A.

Marriage Marriage John David Ferguson - 30 August 1911 ‎(Age 31)‎ St. Andrew Manse, Mt. Gambier S.A.


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Marriage Certificate John David Ferguson -

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cert sighted MF 26/08/2006.
Witnesses were, William George Fowler Bellinger & Euphemia Isabell Ada Bellinger.
John was 33 and a land agent at Launceston.
Susan was 31 and lived at Furner.

Death Death 13 December 1971 ‎(Age 91)‎ Frankston, Vic.

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Parents Family  (F105)
Arthur Herman Bellinger
1844 - 1928
Annie Bateman
1861 - 1910
Rosaville Annie ‎(Rose)‎ Bellinger
1879 - 1961
Susan Florence ‎(Florence)‎ Bellinger
1880 - 1971
William Fowler George Bellinger
1881 - 1941
Arthur Herbert Chandler Bellinger
1882 - 1950
Thomas Henry Clinton Bellinger
1883 - 1965
Archibald Richard Sydney James Bellinger
1888 - 1916
Euphemia Isabel Ada Bellinger
1889 -
Albert Charles Angus Bellinger
1891 - 1943
Ronald Edwin Parker Bellinger
1896 - 1977
Edith Daisy Bellinger
1897 - 1966
Grace Henrietta Bellinger
1899 - 1911
Frederick Allan Bellinger
1901 - 1973
Douglas Melville Bellinger
1903 - 1965
Reginald John Bellinger
1904 - 1963

Immediate Family  (F74)
John David Ferguson
1878 - 1959
Reginald Oswald Ferguson
1910 - 1975
Marjorie Annie Ferguson
1914 - 1999


Shared Note

It was one of the first cars in the district. I can well remember her getting all red in the face as she cranked it up to start and manipulated the throttle. My mother, Florence, and I would have a trip to Furner by train every four years or so and someone would meet us in Mount Gambier. While in her early twenties, Rose contracted typhoid fever and nearly died. She was sent to relatives in Perth for a long holiday where a young man fell in love with her. They may have married but Annie's health was failing and she needed Rose's help. Rose came to her mother's rescue and stayed to help at home. After her mother died, Rose became the head of the Kintore household and the mother figure to younger members of the family. It was the expected thing in those days. Rose worked very hard to keep the large old house clean and tidy, as well as doing the most of the cooking, washing and ironing. Marjorie Dimsey recalls. This was told to me by my mother. She always felt that Rose sacrificed her own life to carry on the home and family at Kintore. This is why my mother considered Rose was given such a raw deal during the events which followed Grandpa Arthur's death. Grandpa had always told Rose not to worry about money as some day she would be a wealthy woman. Then, within a year of his death when he was becoming senile, Arthur was conned into making a will. He made that will in all good faith that the right thing would be done by his family. These were depression years. Undoubtedly, money was tight, but the family was informed by the executors that they had to move out of the Kintore. The land was eventually sold on a depressed market leaving the family in extremely straitened circumstances. Marjory Dimsey continues - Firstly, Allen ‎(Bill)‎ came to our Nar-Nar-Goon property to work for my father. Later, Auntie Rose arrived with all the possessions she could carry. Auntie Rose was a proud lady and she was very miserable because she hated being dependent on us. She housekept for Bill and my brother while my father and my mother took me to Mildura for a holiday. Then her cousin, Sarah Lockwood, introduced her to friends who ran a guest house at St Kilda. Auntie Rose regained her independence by working as a cook. Later, I met Auntie Rose while she was living with Auntie Daisy in Adelaide and became very fond of her for her kindness and help. But she still yearned for her independence. One day, just by chance, Auntie Rose met a Church of England vicar. He recalled her kindness to him many years before at the Kintore and used his influence to settle her into an Anglican home where she was very happy. I took my mother over to Adelaide by plane for Auntie Rose's 80th birthday. This was quite an ordeal as mother had never flown before. Not long after, Auntie Rose became ill and it was diagnosed as cancer. Although she still insisted on her independence, Reg, Kath, Daisy and her many friends gave her all she needed and Bill and Ron came from Streaky Bay whenever possible. Roseville Annie Bellinger died in June, 1961 and was buried in the Adelaide Centennial Park Cemetery. She was a very fine character, rather blunt but she had a heart of gold and she certainly put more into life than she gained from it." Marjorie Dimsey also recalls the role of her mother, Susan Florence, ‎(known by the family as Florence)‎ and the support given to Annie and younger members of the family. Florence was the second child and daughter of Annie and Arthur and, like her sister Rose, had been born at Barnham House in Clinton Lane at Millicent. They had been educated by Clara Ward, their cousin from Tasmania. Marjorie Dimsey recalls that, as far as she knew, the older Bellinger children had not been sent to school. Nevertheless, they all had managed to write good letters. Florence had always regretted, however, that her education had not been as good as she would have liked. Although only twelve months separated Rose and Florence in ages, their personalities were very different. Rose had always been the practical hard-working one with little interest in clothes. Florence had loved dancing and pretty clothes and it was easy to picture her enjoyment at the crowded Kintore dances as her father played the accordian. But, like her sister, Rose, Florence had also played a major role in supporting her mother during her declining health. When Florence married John Ferguson, they moved to Tasmania but found the climate too cold. John bought a motor bike and set off along the eastern coastline until he found land he liked in the Darling Downs. He wired Florence, then staying at Furner, to send on their luggage. But fate decreed otherwise. On his return journey he stayed overnight at the Nar-Nar-Goon Hotel‎(Vic.)‎. Here, he met a land agent who was opening an area of reclaimed land known as Kooweerup Swamp. This chance meeting led to the Ferguson family finally settling at Nar-Nar-Goon. In 1947, John and Florence sold their Nar-Nar-Goon property and retired to Frankston where Florence died on December 13, 1971. But, throughout this time, close contact had been maintained with the other family members of Annie and Arthur.

Collated by Patricia Abbott, Marjorie Dimsey and Val Bellinger

Birth Grey,b217;p207
Marriage b248: p556: Grey
cert sighted MF 26/08/2006.
Witnesses were, William George Fowler Bellinger & Euphemia Isabell Ada Bellinger.
John was 33 and a land agent at Launceston.
Susan was 31 and lived at Furner.
Marriage b248: p556: Grey
cert sighted MF 26/08/2006.
Witnesses were, William George Fowler Bellinger & Euphemia Isabell Ada Bellinger.
John was 33 and a land agent at Launceston.
Susan was 31 and lived at Furner.

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Family with Parents
Arthur Herman Bellinger ‎(I289)‎
Birth 17 August 1844 Hamilton, Tas, AUS.
Death 3 September 1928 ‎(Age 84)‎ Furner S.A.
17 years
Annie Bateman ‎(I535)‎
Birth 12 February 1861 30 32 Avenue Range S.A.
Death 14 March 1910 ‎(Age 49)‎ Millicent, S.A.

Marriage: 5 June 1878 -- Res of Simeon Bateman, Millicent
9 months
Rosaville Annie ‎(Rose)‎ Bellinger ‎(I539)‎
Birth 3 March 1879 34 18 Millicent, S.A.
Death 17 June 1961 ‎(Age 82)‎ Grange, S.A.
13 months
Susan Florence ‎(Florence)‎ Bellinger ‎(I288)‎
Birth 24 March 1880 35 19 Millicent, S.A.
Death 13 December 1971 ‎(Age 91)‎ Frankston, Vic.
13 months
William Fowler George Bellinger ‎(I718)‎
Birth 30 April 1881 36 20 Millicent, S.A.
Death 16 March 1941 ‎(Age 59)‎ Millicent, S.A.
14 months
Arthur Herbert Chandler Bellinger ‎(I719)‎
Birth 21 June 1882 37 21 Millicent, S.A.
Death 26 July 1950 ‎(Age 68)‎ Gillap, S.A.
16 months
Thomas Henry Clinton Bellinger ‎(I720)‎
Birth 28 October 1883 39 22 Millicent, S.A.
Death 25 April 1965 ‎(Age 81)‎ Woodville, S.A.
4 years
Archibald Richard Sydney James Bellinger ‎(I721)‎
Birth 17 February 1888 43 27 Millicent, S.A.
Death 20 July 1916 ‎(Age 28)‎ France.
20 months
Euphemia Isabel Ada Bellinger ‎(I722)‎
Birth 26 October 1889 45 28 Millicent, S.A.
Death Yes
2 years
Albert Charles Angus Bellinger ‎(I725)‎
Birth 24 November 1891 47 30 Millicent, S.A.
Death 8 March 1943 ‎(Age 51)‎ Conmurra S.A
4 years
Ronald Edwin Parker Bellinger ‎(I723)‎
Birth 18 February 1896 51 35 Millicent, S.A.
Death 8 August 1977 ‎(Age 81)‎ Port Lincoln, S.A.
2 years
Edith Daisy Bellinger ‎(I726)‎
Birth 2 December 1897 53 36 Millicent, S.A.
Death 19 February 1966 ‎(Age 68)‎ Woodville, S.A.
2 years
Grace Henrietta Bellinger ‎(I727)‎
Birth 24 December 1899 55 38 Furner S.A.
Death 27 August 1911 ‎(Age 11)‎ Mount Gambier, S.A.
2 years
Frederick Allan Bellinger ‎(I728)‎
Birth 20 September 1901 57 40 Millicent, S.A.
Death May 1973 ‎(Age 71)‎ Streaky Bay, S.A.
16 months
Douglas Melville Bellinger ‎(I724)‎
Birth 9 January 1903 58 41 Millicent, S.A.
Death 1965 ‎(Age 61)‎ Kew, Melbourne, Vic.
2 years
Reginald John Bellinger ‎(I729)‎
Birth 9 October 1904 60 43 Millicent, S.A.
Death 18 May 1963 ‎(Age 58)‎ Normanville, S.A.
Family with John David Ferguson
John David Ferguson ‎(I63)‎
Birth 14 February 1878 32 25 Laura, S.A.
Death 1959 ‎(Age 80)‎ Sandringham, Vic.
2 years

Susan Florence ‎(Florence)‎ Bellinger ‎(I288)‎
Birth 24 March 1880 35 19 Millicent, S.A.
Death 13 December 1971 ‎(Age 91)‎ Frankston, Vic.

Marriage: 30 August 1911 -- St. Andrew Manse, Mt. Gambier S.A.
-18 months
Reginald Oswald Ferguson ‎(I211)‎
Birth 24 February 1910 32 29 North Adelaide, S.A.
Death 27 March 1975 ‎(Age 65)‎ Brisbane Qld.
4 years
Marjorie Annie Ferguson ‎(I212)‎
Birth 10 January 1914 35 33 Richmond, Vic.
Death 30 May 1999 ‎(Age 85)‎