James Shaw Ferguson James Shaw Ferguson  ‎(I192)‎
Given Names: James Shaw
Surname: Ferguson

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 14 October 1878 40 29 Belalie, S.A.
Death: 15 July 1935 ‎(Age 56)‎ Pinnaroo, S.A.
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 14 October 1878 40 29 Belalie, S.A.

Marriage Marriage Ada Mary Gardiner - 31 May 1906 ‎(Age 27)‎ Perth, W.A.


Note: Clare,b210: p11
Death Cert. Pinnaroo, S.A.

Show Details Note: Pinnaroo, b571;p2676
Coronary occlusion
Sighted 17 April 2007 MF

Death Death 15 July 1935 ‎(Age 56)‎ Pinnaroo, S.A.

Burial Burial 17 July 1935 ‎(2 days after death)‎ Pinnaroo, S.A.

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Parents Family  (F66)
John Ferguson
1838 - 1925
Catherine Dawson
1849 - 1930
Georgina Dawson Ferguson
1871 - 1927
John Ferguson
1873 - 1919
Not Recorded Ferguson
1875 - 1875
Catherine Mieklejohn Ferguson
1876 - 1958
James Shaw Ferguson
1878 - 1935
George McIntosh Ferguson
1881 - 1882
Elizabeth May ‎(Libby)‎ Ferguson
1882 - 1954
Donald Bain Ferguson
1887 - 1977

Immediate Family  (F94)
Ada Mary Gardiner
1881 - 1966
Douglass Catherine Ferguson
1907 - 1991
John James Ferguson
1911 - 1982
Margaret Mieklejohn Ferguson
1915 - 2014


Shared Note

Pinnaroo 'Miracle of the Mallee' p 190

Born at Jamestown, James Shaw Ferguson attended school there and spent his early years working on his father's farm. Several years later, Jim joined the W.A.Railways, and while working in that State, married Miss Ada Gardiner, formerly of Mitcham S.A. They met while Ada was staying in the same boaedinghouse as James.
Four years later, Jim and his youngest brother Donald took up virgin allotments north of Pinnaroo. With a brother-in-law, Hubert Davis ‎(who married Elizabeth Ferguson)‎ they left Jamestown by train with their horses, wagons and other belongings. The wives and families followed by train 2 months later and arrived 23 March 1910.
Although Bert Davis did not remain in the district for long, one of his daughters, Nancy, later returned as the wife of George Venning. Another daughter Jean married Eric ‎(later Sir Eric)‎ Smart, who became W.A.'s biggest wheat producer. Don Ferguson sold his farm and in 1923 with his wife Rose ‎(nee Stevens)‎ and family, moved to Temora NSW.
Another brother-in-law of James and Don, Richard Hay ‎(who married Catherine Ferguson)‎ later took up land south of Pinnaroo and farmed there for 9 years.
Throughout his life in the area, Jim Ferguson was a leading resident, who was actively involved in community affairs at Parilla Well and Pinnaroo. He was a man of friendly disposition,- the essence of kindliness, tactful in business, and a wise-adjudicator
In the smaller community of Parilla Well, Jim served as Secretary of the Hall Committee and Ag. Bureau; and was a patron and loyal supporter of the Football Club.
Prominent amongst Mr. Ferguson's public activities was his association with the Pinnaroo District Council. A representative of the Pinnaroo North Ward, he served 4 years as chairman, but had not sought re-election to that position a few weeks prior to his sudden passing. An ardent supporter and for many years a committee member of the Pinnaroo Ag. Society, Jim was also actively associated with the Masonic Lodge and was Master in 1930.
Jim became ill while taking provisions down to a camp in the desert and was brought back to Pinnaroo, but passed away in hospital 4 days later on 15 July 1935 aged 56 years.
Ada remained at the farm until her only son married. She then moved to live in Adelaide amd, except for a fall, enjoyed reason┬Čably good health until her passing at the age of 85 years in 1966.
The eldest child Douglass, who married Donald Wurfel, was a worthy companion in her husband's many activities. Doug has been a leading supporter of the Pinnaroo Ag. Society from its earliest days and was one of the first ladies to be awarded an honorary life membership.
John, the only son, continued to farm the home property "Forfar Brae' until he sold it in 1955. "Jack" or "Ferg" as he was known, wife Melva ‎(nee Bowman)‎ and their 3 girls Faye, June & Claire, then moved to live at Auburn. During his life at Pinnaroo, Jack served for a number of years as the representative for Pinnaroo North Ward on the District Council. He had also been an excellent footballer and captained Parilla Well.
Margaret, the youngest child, married Ronald Marshall Arnold, a grandson of Richard Marshall, the breeder of the widely sown wheat variety Yandilla King, and many other varieties.
A few years after their marriage, Margaret and Ron moved to the South-East ‎(timber industry)‎ where their children Cynthia & William were born. Later in life, Margaret was re-married to Noel Burge and now lives at Lyndoch.

James and Donald purchased Section 139 in 1911.
James purchased Section 149 comprising 592 acres in 1909. This was transferred to James & Donald in 1913 and to John James in 1935. Sold to Ian, Keith & Ken Wurfel in 1955.
James purchased Section 148 comprising 886 acres in 1922.
James purchased a share of Section 150 comprising 590 acres in 1923. Ownership changed to Ian, Keith & Ken Wurfel in 1955.

Birth Clare,b210: p11
Death Pinnaroo, b571;p2676
Coronary occlusion
Sighted 17 April 2007 MF

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Family with Parents
John Ferguson ‎(I169)‎
Birth 22 June 1838 33 22 Kirriemuir, Forfarshire Scotland
Death 3 September 1925 ‎(Age 87)‎ Beulah Park S.A.
11 years
Catherine Dawson ‎(I184)‎
Birth 18 February 1849 46 39 Alva Parish, Stirling, Scotland.
Death 30 October 1930 ‎(Age 81)‎ Dulwich S.A.

Marriage: 1 January 1869 -- Res. of George Dawson Emu Flat S.A.
3 years
Georgina Dawson Ferguson ‎(I189)‎
Birth 23 August 1871 33 22 Belalie, S.A.
Death 10 June 1927 ‎(Age 55)‎ Inman Valley, S.A.
17 months
John Ferguson ‎(I956)‎
Birth 13 January 1873 34 23 Belalie, S.A.
Death 28 October 1919 ‎(Age 46)‎ Hundred of Gauge ?. S.A. ‎(Gladstone)‎
2 years
Not Recorded Ferguson ‎(I741)‎
Birth 23 May 1875 36 26 Belalie, S.A.

14 months
Catherine Mieklejohn Ferguson ‎(I191)‎
Birth 26 July 1876 38 27 Armagh, Clare S.A.
Death 18 July 1958 ‎(Age 81)‎ Eastwood, S.A.
2 years
James Shaw Ferguson ‎(I192)‎
Birth 14 October 1878 40 29 Belalie, S.A.
Death 15 July 1935 ‎(Age 56)‎ Pinnaroo, S.A.
2 years
George McIntosh Ferguson ‎(I269)‎
Birth 25 February 1881 42 32 Belalie, S.A.
Death 11 May 1882 ‎(Age 14 months)‎ Belalie, S.A.
14 months
Elizabeth May ‎(Libby)‎ Ferguson ‎(I193)‎
Birth 3 May 1882 43 33 Belalie, S.A.
Death 4 October 1954 ‎(Age 72)‎ Eastwood, S.A.
5 years
Donald Bain Ferguson ‎(I194)‎
Birth 10 April 1887 48 38 Belalie, S.A.
Death 1977 ‎(Age 89)‎ Medlow Bath, N.S.W.
Family with Ada Mary Gardiner
James Shaw Ferguson ‎(I192)‎
Birth 14 October 1878 40 29 Belalie, S.A.
Death 15 July 1935 ‎(Age 56)‎ Pinnaroo, S.A.
2 years
Ada Mary Gardiner ‎(I261)‎
Birth 16 February 1881 32 36 Fullarton, S.A.
Death 14 May 1966 ‎(Age 85)‎ Freeling S.A.

Marriage: 31 May 1906 -- Perth, W.A.
10 months
Douglass Catherine Ferguson ‎(I291)‎
Birth 26 March 1907 28 26 Leederville W.A.
Death 19 September 1991 ‎(Age 84)‎ Pinnaroo, S.A.
5 years
John James Ferguson ‎(I262)‎
Birth 6 December 1911 33 30 Pinnaroo, S.A.
Death 6 September 1982 ‎(Age 70)‎
4 years
Margaret Mieklejohn Ferguson ‎(I346)‎
Birth 16 July 1915 36 34 Pinnaroo, S.A.
Death 20 November 2014 ‎(Age 99)‎ Evanston Park, S.A.