Stuart Charles Ferguson Stuart Charles Ferguson  ‎(I146)‎
Given Names: Stuart Charles
Surname: Ferguson

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 18 January 1941 25 22 Naracoorte, S.A.
Death: 13 April 2019 ‎(Age 78)‎ Barmera, S.A.
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 18 January 1941 25 22 Naracoorte, S.A.

Marriage Marriage Private - 15 February 1964 ‎(Age 23)‎ Bordertown S.A.

d:\Genealogy\Legacy\Legacy Photos\Stuart_Charles_Ferguson_and_Margaret_Grace_Price_Cap.jpgd:\Genealogy\Legacy\Legacy Photos\Stuart_Charles_Ferguson_and_Margaret_Grace_Price_Cap.jpg

Death Death 13 April 2019 ‎(Age 78)‎ Barmera, S.A.

Cause of death: Cancer
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Parents Family  (F51)
Peter Mack ‎(Pete)‎ Ferguson
1915 - 1979
Lorna Myrtle Loechel
1918 - 2014
Stuart Charles Ferguson
1941 - 2019
Graham Terry Ferguson
1946 - 1992

Immediate Family  (F52)


Shared Note

Went to school at Lucindale to yr 10, 1947 - 1956.
Left school and worked for Goldsborough Mort as a Stock Agent in Lucindale 1956 - 1957, Naracoorte 1957, Bordertown 1958, Naracoorte 1959, Lucindale and Kingston part time 1960, Jamestown and part time Peterborough 1961. Goldsborough Mort and Elder Smith amalgamated and and Stuart worked for them at Kadina and part time Kalangadoo 1962 - 1965 .
Maried Margaret Grace Price on the 3rd of August 1964 at Bordertown and they first lived at Kadina until 1966. They had three Children Mardi Jane, James Stuart and David Scott.
In 1966 bought half of his father in laws property at Lowan Vale near Bordertown and ran sheep, cattle, and cropping as well as setting up a large piggery.
Learnt the bagpipes at Naracoote with Pipe Major Paddy Lawson in 1958 and played in the Naracoorte Highland Pipe Band and also played in the Pt Pirie Pipe Band 1961 - 1962.
Ran into a suspended wire on a motor bike and injured his neck.
Bought a video shop in Bordertown and Margaret ran that 1983 - 1985.
Was changing a rear tyre on a tractor and the wheel fell on him breaking his back. Had to dig himself out and drag himself home from the paddock and spent a long time in hospital.
In 1985 sold his property at Lowan Vale and bought a house in Bordertown .
Worked part time for Wickham And Flower a garage in the spare parts department.
Bought a delicatesan in Bordertown, Fergs Deli, and they both ran that 1985 - 1995.
Worked as a maintenance man on the Grain Silos in the South East.
Stewart played golf for twelve months before his tractor accident.
Was very involved with Gliding and was Secretary for two years, and Treasurer for two years of the Bordertown gliding Club. Gained a Certificate in Glider Maintenance and was Chief Maintenance Engineer for four years 1981 - 1985.

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Family with Parents
Peter Mack ‎(Pete)‎ Ferguson ‎(I48)‎
Birth 12 December 1915 36 40 Beachport, S.A.
Death 11 June 1979 ‎(Age 63)‎ Lucindale, S.A.
3 years
Lorna Myrtle Loechel ‎(I145)‎
Birth 31 December 1918 33 26 Naracoorte, S.A.
Death 7 November 2014 ‎(Age 95)‎ Bordertown S.A.

Marriage: 3 August 1940 -- Res of Theodore Loechel at Lucindale, S.A.
6 months
Stuart Charles Ferguson ‎(I146)‎
Birth 18 January 1941 25 22 Naracoorte, S.A.
Death 13 April 2019 ‎(Age 78)‎ Barmera, S.A.
6 years
Graham Terry Ferguson ‎(I147)‎
Birth 24 October 1946 30 27 Naracoorte, S.A.
Death 25 April 1992 ‎(Age 45)‎ Bridgewater Vic.
Family with Private
Stuart Charles Ferguson ‎(I146)‎
Birth 18 January 1941 25 22 Naracoorte, S.A.
Death 13 April 2019 ‎(Age 78)‎ Barmera, S.A.

Marriage: 15 February 1964 -- Bordertown S.A.